Account Management

Active Financial Portfolio Management and Investment Services

We favor active portfolio management over passive investment strategies. We aim to produce an absolute rate of return over time while limiting drawdowns for all Private Advisory Clients. While more labor intensive than a long term buy-and-hold strategy, we find our approach to be more profitable and reliable over time as market conditions fluctuate.

Our Account Management Philosophy

We look for opportunities to grow accounts regardless of how well the overall market indices perform. While there are limitations to the products and strategies we can use with some investors, by applying proper speculative trading discipline to a long-only equity investment strategy we can consistently add incremental value over time. This added value compounds over time and makes a big impact over the long run.

We prefer to go over specific account management strategies in person or over the phone, and we take into account the level of sophistication of each individual investor and their objectives and constrains before committing to a particular strategy. We can utilize investor policy statements to lay out the account management guidelines and their objectives, as needed, on a per client basis. For more aggressive and qualifying investors, we charge a Performance-Based Incentive Fee to align our success with the performance of our clients’ accounts. Per industry regulations, investors with less than $1M in account equity or $2M in net worth (Accredited Investors) are not eligible for a Performance-Based Incentive Fee arrangement.

For more information on our independent Separately-Managed accounts or the JSPM Managed Account Strategies, please give us a call at (866) 727-1532 or send us an email below.

    Important note: An investor whose only experience has been with a buy-and-hold strategy should consider the following before hiring an active, absolute return manager such as JSPM. Position turnover will be higher, as we make a larger number of trades. As a result, our most active investors frequently pay taxes on many of their capital gains at the short-term rate. We also work with the lowest-cost clearing firm which allows us to do trades at 1/7th the cost of other popular brokers. We take the time to make sure that all of our investors understand the implications of an active strategy, and recommend that attention be paid to fees, tax consequences, liquidity needs and other financial planning concerns. We frequently coordinate with other advisors on mutual clients’ accounts, and we encourage this practice in order to properly leverage each advisor’s area of expertise.