JSI Fund Model Returns 5.30.14

The returns for our models below can be compared to the returns of the S&P 500:S&P 500 2013 Year-End Return: 26.80% (Since 1/9/13)S&P 500 2014 YTD Return: 4.07% (As of 5/30/14)S&P 500 Inception Return: 32.00% (Inception of our models – 1/9/13)*Calculations do not include dividends/splits. Source: Yahoo! Finance Historical S&P 500 (^GSPC) Daily Closing Prices, […]

On the market in general

{Reminder: this was written a couple years ago, since then things have begun to look more encouraging with regard to housing. Market conditions have changed as well but I thought some of this might be helpful anyway. -RM} The market is not the economy. The market is a humbling beast, and it is based on […]